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WordPress Developer

Cool Nerd. Goofy Philosopher. Hilariously Serious.

Who is this guy?

I currently am a WordPress developer at 5 Fold Marketing in Tempe, AZ.

I also have been freelancing for the last 5 years, and have extensive knowledge with the full LAMP stack of tech (Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP).

I focus on creating websites that are easy to use, modern, but most importantly effective. I understand the importance that your website performs the way that you expect it to and that it helps you to reach your goals.

Early Life

Just kidding.

When I am not coding, I like to chill with my family, play with my son and daughter, cook, go on a nice hike and enjoy the scenery (this is why you might see some pics on this site that have nothing to do with code), and find something new to learn.