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Side Projects

A few side projects that I work on in my free time.

Vanilla Press

A site created in vanilla ES6 to mimic basic WordPress features such as pages, posts, and a live preview customizer.


A PHP web app to aid freelancers filter potential projects using a grade based system.

Clear Menu

A simple mobile menu that is easy in integrate into an existing project.

Fresh Start

A custom build of the _s WordPress starter theme. This theme assumes this is not your first time building a WordPress theme, and that you are familiar with Node, NPM, Gulp, Sass, Babel, etc.

Sass Flexbox Grid Mixins

This is not a fully fledged grid system, and does not try to be. It is a set of Sass functions and mixins to quickly and deliberately layout a page, component, etc. using flexbox.

HTML5 Elements

A list of current HTML5 elements. Use this as a kitchen sink for testing CSS styles.