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The Pacific Institute

Client: The Pacific Institute


CSS Flexbox Custom Post Types Responsive Web Design Grid System Bootstrap Custom Theme


  • Developed while employed at Factor1 Studios
  • Website redesign
  • Bootstrap 3

This was a site that we took over development on, with very little to work with. The challenge here was that when I started this project, the site was about 10% complete and I had no way of contacting the prior developers to pick their brain about the decisions that they had made and the direction they were heading. It was up to me to continue on and deliver a finished product, without wasting time trying to undo what the earlier developers had done.

The design was clean and elegant, but always changing. This added an additional layer of challenges as I knew that if I spent time doing a full QA on any page or component, I had to expect that it would change down the line. Keeping this in mind I had to ensure that my code was extracted enough to where making changes would be a breeze.

That decision turned out to be a lifesaver as this project went through a very large number of revisions, and the designer was always delighted at how quickly I was able to make the needed changes.